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Data Protection Policy



Tor Mark is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of its customers and staff. The Partners believe it is important to ensure the personal data Tor Mark has is proportionate for the company, is stored securely and is accessed as appropriate in order for the company to undertake its duties.

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Purpose of Personal Data Collection & Usage

For Tor Mark to fulfil its role as a publisher and distributor, it needs to collect personal date.

For trade accounts, the personal data collected, stored and accessed includes:



Date of birth

Telephone number(s)

Email address

Bank account details

References – in relation to trading status only

For private customers, the personal data collected, stored and accessed includes:



Telephone number(s)

Email address

Bank account details are collected for payment purposes only and are destroyed after use.

For charities or limited companies, no personal data is collected, stored or accessed.

Details of sole-trader personal details may occasionally be shared with debt-collection agencies and other organisations associated with the collection of outstanding monies.

Tor Mark does not use personal data for any form of commercial or personal profiling of its customers, nor does not undertake any automated decision making.

Personal Data Transfer

Tor Mark does not transfer personal data outside of the UK.

Additional Use of Personal Data

Tor Mark does not collect personal data for any purposes other than those indicated above. Tor Mark does not undertake direct marketing campaigns. It does send out monthly statement of account to identified trade account holders at the registered address of the business. The only circumstances under which Tor Mark might send mail to a personal address is in the process of debt recovery. Statements of account are accompanied by a monthly newsletter and a small number of accounts will receive a copy of the mailshot without a statement. For further details please contact the office on +44(0)1209 822101 Under such circumstances, these are sent to the shop themselves and individual accounts may request not to receive them if they wish. Whilst the above are not required for Tor Mark to fulfil its contractual duties, it does represent a legitimate interest for the account to receive such mailshot.

Tor Mark’s website is GDPR compliant through the protocols established to run it.

Privacy Notice


Access to Personal Data

Partners are responsible for the storage of, and access to, personal data held by Tor Mark. Anna Corbett is the designated Data Protection Lead for Tor Mark.

Personal data in relation to customer accounts*

This data is accessed and used by office, warehouse and representative staff only.

Personal data in relation to staff*

This data is accessed and used by the Partners and, under the supervision of the Partners, identified office staff only.

*Please contact the Partners, Anna and Daniel Corbett for further details of this.

The Partners will have access to all personal data in order to monitor the usage and compliance with this Policy.

Individuals must request in writing or email in order to authorise changes to their Personal Data. Written documentation includes the completion of Tor Mark’s Account Opening Form. The Partners will maintain and review the list of staff who have permission to:

  • View, modify or download the information necessary for their function
  • Send emails to customers
  • Modify Tor Mark’s website

Lapsed Account Data and Retention Period

Once an account has been closed i.e. Tor Mark no longer agrees to supply them, and all outstanding monies have been received, Tor Mark will retain the appropriate data for no longer than 7 years, in line with HMRC requirements.

Upon termination of a contract to supply services or at the request of a Data subject, Tor Mark will comply with the individual’s legal right to be forgotten. However, this is not a right to have all data held to be deleted. Tor Mark may still be required to hold certain personally identifiable data about any data subject to fulfil any legal or statutory obligations that it may have. After 7 years all data held on any data subject will be removed from all Tor Mark systems unless a contract is in place.

Our Customers’ Rights

Our customers have:

  • the right to know what data is being held on them and reason(s) for doing so
  • the right to correct accurate data being held by Tor Mark in any format, including paper, electronic or any other format
  • the right to request alterations to the above data to ensure its accuracy
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office on 03031231113 or via
  • the right to be forgotten, once an account has been settled in full and closed, provided the retention period has expired.